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A Gilbert & Sullivan Discography

Our Gilbert & Sullivan Discography is a detailed compendium of all — well, nearly all — G&S recordings and videos ever published. At least, that is our goal. For professional recordings in the LP era and afterwards we think we have come pretty close. Visit the Discography for more information.

Grand Duke Cover

Vocal Score of The Grand Duke

Our New Critical Edition of The Grand Duke was published in 2009. It has been used in several productions, including the SavoyNet production at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in August 2009.

Both the Complete Edition and the Performer’s Edition are available for purchase from Lulu Press, where you can also download a PDF for free. The Performer’s Edition, omitting the introduction and appendices, is 115 pages shorter and $3 cheaper. The dialogue and music are identical in both editions.

An errata list is available here (PDF).


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Marc Shepherd is listowner of SavoyNet, an Internet Discussion list dedicated to the works of Gilbert & Sullivan. Visit the SavoyNet Website for more information and to learn how to subscribe.